Rings provide a wide range of stat boosts and passive effects. Similar to many weapon switches, rings are often carried into combat for the sake of switching to activate various effects.


The table below outlines a number of useful rings. The two most common types of rings are those that affect adrenaline usage and drop rates.

  • Item

  • Explanation

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Asylum Surgeon’s (i)

  • Best DPS ring.

  • Everywhere.

  • “Broken Home” Quest, followed by the two challenges afterwards. Imbue with 10,000 Teci.

  • Ring of Vigour

  • Ring switch for casting Ultimate Abilities (Saves adrenaline).

  • Everywhere.

  • Buy for 50,000 Dungeoneering Tokens
    (500,000xp in Dungeoneering).

  • Ring of Death (i)

  • Reduces death cost and prevents familiar despawn upon death. Provides a chance to gain 5% adrenaline when killing a target.

  • With Super Saradomin Brew.

  • Buy off the G.E OR Craft
    (Costs 300 Reaper Points). Imbue with 15,000 Teci.

  • Hazelmere’s Signet Ring (i)

  • Supposedly does a thing (Increases drop chances).

  • If you’re a billionaire, (Everywhere).

  • Buy off the G.E.
    Imbue with 10,000 Teci.

  • Luck of the Dwarves (i)

  • Supposedly does a thing (Increases drop chances).

  • For the less fortunate, (Everywhere).

  • Buy off the G.E.
    Imbue with 7,500 Teci.