Specialty Armour


Specialty armour pieces are typically tools used for their passive effects and aside from the slayer helmet, are rarely the best in-slot item. Most of these items are rewards from quests, skills or achievement diaries.

Specialty Armour and their Uses

  • Item

  • Explanation

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Full Slayer Helmet

  • Increases DPS towards active Slayer Tasks.

  • Slayer Tasks.

  • “Smoking Kills” Quest + Slayer Reward Points.

  • Ancient Ceremonial Mask

  • Negates the requirement for a Zaros kill count in the God Wars Dungeons.

  • Quick access to Nex and AoD.

  • Kill Nex
    (or buy off the G.E).

  • Morytania Legs 4

  • Increases XP gained from Slayer Tasks within the Slayer Tower.

  • Slayer Tasks in the Slayer Tower.

  • Morytania elite tasks.

  • Desert Amulet 4

  • Increases Keris's accuracy.

  • Kalphite King

  • Desert elite tasks