Miscellaneous Equipment


This page is a collection of miscellaneous items you might find useful in preparation for or during combat. Most of these items reside in the players’ inventory.

Damage Tools

These items are used to increase DPS in various ways.

  • Item

  • Explanation

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Combat Dummy MKII
  • Allows you to build to 100% adrenaline before fights.

  • Use before going into fights or to help during a fight (i.e Rax at P4).

  • Invention Crafting (Level 113).

  • Dominion Mine
  • Primarily used to increase damage within Elite Dungeons against the Black Stone Dragon and Seiryu.

  • Refer to guides on both bosses for optimal use.

  • Dominion Tower reward (kill 400 bosses).

  • Dreadnip
  • Any PvM encounter you don’t need the additional inventory space for.

  • Summon them during boss fights for extra damage.

  • Dominion Tower reward (kill 450 bosses).

  • Teleportation Artefacts

    These items help you transverse Gielinor faster.

  • Item

  • Location

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Drakan’s Medallion
  • Various locations in Morytania.

  • Barrows and Rise of the Six.

  • Complete "The Branches of Darkmeyer" Quest.

  • Regeneration Items

    These items provide passively regenerate health and prayer from the inventory.

  • Item

  • Explanation

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Elite Enhanced Excalibur
  • Heals 20% (enhanced) and 40% (elite) of maximum lifepoints over 20 seconds.

  • Use in all combat situations you require healing.

  • Complete the hard or elite Seers' Village Achievements.

  • Ancient Elven Ritual Shard
  • Esentailly the Excalibur of prayer: restoring 37.5% of total prayer points over a short time.

  • Bring whenever you are using prayer and require a method of restoration.

  • Kill creatures from the Lost Grove (or buy off the G.E).