Magic Spells


Spells are magic projectiles created from the combination and consumption of Runes. Runes may be held and consumed from the inventory or stored in a Rune Pouch which allows them to be equipped in the quiver/ammunition slot.


The spells outlined in the table below are a few high level spells that provide great damage output and survivability in multiplayer boss fights.

  • Spell

  • Runes

  • Explanation/Use

  • Spellbook

  • Blood Barrage

  • 5 Fire

    2 Blood

  • Primary DPS spell at high enrage Telos or when using the Ancient Spellbook.

  • Ancient

  • Ice Barrage

  • 5 Water

    2 Blood

  • DPS spell that also stops a creature moving (Useful for boss minions).

  • Ancient

  • Intercept

  • 2 Earth

    3 Air

    2 Soul

  • Used to bypass certain mechanics at bosses by intercepting someone. Use with barricade to protect both team members.

  • Ancient

  • Disruption Shield

  • 3 Blood

    3 Astral

    10 Body

  • Nullifies the next melee, magic, ranged or soft-typeless hit the player takes. Requires 290,000 Produce Ponts at Livid Farm to unlock.

  • Lunar

  • Vengeance Group

  • 11 Earth

    4 Astral

    3 Death

  • Redirects 75% of an attacks' damage dealt to nearby team members back to the attacker.

  • Lunar

  • Shield dome

  • 3 Water

    3 Earth

    3 Soul

  • Used to replace other 50% damage reduction defensives at bosses such as Telos.

  • Ancient

  • Vulnerability

  • 1 Chaos

    1 Soul

  • Vulnerability should be applied when using magic to cause the target to take an additional 10% damage from all attacks.

  • Standard

  • Spellbook Swap

  • 1 Law

    2 Cosmic

    3 Astral

  • Allows you to cast a spell out of a different spellbook for the next two minutes. Use where a dfferent spellbook may be required.

  • Lunar and Ancient