Ranged Projectiles


Arrows and Bolts are projectiles shot out of ranged weapons. They are stored in the projectiles equipment slot on the player. Ranged ammunition can also be stored within the Tirannwn Quiver to gain a small prayer bonus from the quiver equipment slot.

Bakriminel Bolts

Bakriminel bolts are high levelled bolts which can be compared to Ancient Spells, as they provide secondary effects ranging increased adrenaline generation to life steal. They are usually paired with the highest tier of dual wield set of crossbows.

Arrows and Bolts

  • Item

  • Explanation

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Hydrix Bakriminel Bolts (e) / Acendri Bolts (e)

  • 10% chance to instantly grant 10% adrenaline and an additional 1% from basic attacks for the next 15 seconds.

  • Using these bolts feels almost like standing in the green beam at Telos. Quite expensive.

  • Enchant Hydrix Bakriminel Bolts / Acendri Bolts (or buy off the G.E).

  • Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e)

  • 5% chance to hit the target for 20% of their health (capped at generally 10,000) while taking 10% of your health.

  • Use at high HP bosses when ranging. The bolts significantly increase your DPS.

  • Enchant Ruby Bakriminel Bolts
    (or buy off the G.E).

  • Onyx Bakriminel Bolts (e)

  • 10% chance to deal 25% more damage and heal the player for 25% of the damage potential of the attack (capping at 2.5k).

  • Switch to these bolts when casting onslaught, or using the Eldritch Crossbow special attack.

  • Enchant Onyx Bakriminel Bolts
    (or buy off the G.E).