Stuns and Crowd Control


Stuns prevent enemies from attacking. Within this section is also abilities which change the enemies’ targeted player, and those that can help manage larger waves of monsters.

Abilities Affected by Flanking 3

The Flanking 3 Invention Perk removes the stun effect of the following abilities and significantly increases their damage, making them some of the most powerful abilities. This makes them worth using over channeled/combo attacks, since it is an instant hit rather than a channeled one.

  • Style

  • Ability

  • Melee

  • Backhand

  • Forceful Backhand

  • Ranged

  • Binding Shot

  • Tight Bindings

  • Magic

  • Impact

  • Deep Impact

  • Damage and Crowd control

    These abilities will help deal with large waves of weaker enemies and deal heavy DPS to a single target.

  • Ability

  • Explanation/Use

  • Incendiary Shot

  • Incendiary is used to clear hordes of mobs (SW/P5 Telos/Vits/Kalphites).

  • Tsunami

  • Tsunami is used to clear hordes of mobs (SW/P5 Telos/Vits/Kalphites).

  • Revenge

  • Revenge is used to deal high DPS, it’s great when lots of small mobs attack you.

  • Reprisal

  • Reprisal is used to deal high DPS to a single target in situations where you take large type-less damage.

  • Miscellaneous Abilities

    The following abilities are used to change a boss’s target and gain additional adrenaline.

  • Ability

  • Explanation/Use

  • Provoke

  • Provoke is used in PvM to make the target aggressive towards a player (and reduces enemy and player DPS to other targets by 50% in PvP), while Incite is used to make it more aggressive towards that player, and thus, should be used by the Tank.

  • Natural Instinct

  • Natural Instinct is used in situations where you’d want to build up to full adrenaline while also being under the effect of your Ultimate in PvM.