Specialty Weapons


Specialty weapons are used for their unique effects such as affinity debuffs or damage boosts against particular creatures. Most of these weapons are quest or mini-quest/event rewards. test

Specialty Weapons

  • Item

  • Explanation

  • Use

  • How to Get

  • Darklight

  • T99 Damage + T90 Accuracy against Demons.

  • Slayer Tasks (Ripper and Kalgerion Demons).

  • “Dimensions of Disaster” Quest (Purchase Upgrade from Gypsy).

  • Keris

  • Boosts Hit Chance to scarabs by 15%.

  • Kalphite King and Queen.

  • Defeat the Giant Scarab in the “Contact!” Quest.

  • Statius's Warhammer

  • Increase Affinity by 5 (Lowers targets’ defence).

  • Some high level Bosses. Add Aftershock 1.

  • Kill Revenants
    (or buy off the G.E)
    [Expensive for what it is].

  • Superior Vesta’s Spear

  • Currently the most powerful spear.

  • Corporeal Beast.

  • Upgrade a Vesta’s Spear with an Ancient Warriors’ Equipment Patch.

  • Mechanised Chinchompa

  • Used when dealing with multiple creatures clumped together.

  • Slayer Tasks (but expensive), Minions at AoD etc.

  • Invention - Cave Goblin Tree (or buy off the G.E).

  • Guthix Staff

  • Increase Affinity by 2 (Lowers targets’ defence).

  • Some high level Bosses.

  • Mage Arena Minigame (Cast Divine Storm 100x).