Patch Notes: May 5th, 2020

Todays update introduces changes to the website layout and PvM armour perks.

Full Update Log


  • PvM armour perks have been reworked. There are now tabs to switch between best in slot perks, cheaper alternatives and entry level gizmos that don’t require ancient gizmos.
  • Created an armour calculator to show which armour sets to use at your level, and whether or not the set can be augmented. The calculator does not show all tiers of armour, but can be expanded later.

Website Design

  • Removed the sidebar from the pages layout. It now only appears on the homepage, making desktop pages slightly wider.
    • Added update log to the sidebar. Shows the last 5 update logs.
    • Completely removed the sponsor section.
  • Reduced the size of drop shadows.
  • Changed hyperlink text color from gold to light blue.

Back-end Development

  • Re-wrote SASS files as SCSS syntax.
  • Removed some unused CSS classes.